Things I love about Jo’burg     

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Things I love about Jo’burg         I ran away from Jo’burg with my life in my car as if a madman was chasing me (ok, a madman was really chasing me, but that’s a book on its own). I’ve been living in Cape Town, in all its glory, for about 15 years, but luckily still have

Connecting with millennials

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Connecting with millennials protel by Ankerdata launch mobile concierge and booking app with ConnectHOTEL The use of smartphones to book hotel rooms has increased significantly over the past few years with some statistics claiming this number to be well over the 50% mark for all hotel reservations.  With this information at hand the need for

Matters of the King

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Matters of the King A look at some Interesting amendments to King IV, 2016 In July 1993, retired Supreme Court of South Africa Judge Mervyn E. King was asked by the Institute of Directors in South Africa to chair a committee on corporate governance. The committee’s report, aptly named, was to be the first of

A mix of marriages

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A mix of marriages So many ways to say ‘I do” Weddings are one of the most universal traditions on the planet yet they are celebrated differently by everyone. Tying the knot in any culture comes with a list of different rituals and traditions and, family dynamics aside, there are many more things to consider

Mandela Day- Have a Ball

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We are preparing for our 4th Mandela Day Have a Ball event and would love for you to get involved, shoot a goal, put up a poster or just cheer from the sidelines? In support of Mandela Day, we are inviting our clients and other fabulous people to be a part of our Mandela Day