Managing accounts – the story of numbers

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I get it that not everybody loves working with numbers and that some people are bored to tears poring over financial statements, which are often prepared by the company’s financial or administrative person and filled with too much irrelevant detail. The truth is, a good set of management accounts should be everyone’s responsibility – this will make sure that all aspects of business are covered.

Is the Vaal heading for a revival?

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BON Hotels, a South African-based company that owns, manages and operates hotels, has recently taken over the Riviera on Vaal Hotel in Vereeniging. One would wonder what they see in the region and why they have chosen to invest there. Guy Stehlik, CEO of the group, confirms: “We see huge potential in the area. The Gauteng conference and leisure market is crying out for new venues and there is no reason why the area cannot once again enjoy the success of its glory days.”

BON Hotels, making waves up the West Coast

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Shelley Point Hotel, Spa and Country Club on the Cape West Coast has avoided liquidation and recently been signed out of business rescue. The success of the rescue can be largely attributed to Cape Town-based hotel management company, BON Hotels, which has restored the faith of many in this property. BON Hotels, who were involved in the eight-month business rescue operations, have further affirmed this by signing up a lease agreement and have purchased the hotel business from the new owner. Guy Stehlik, CEO of BON Hotels, says that they see huge potential in the property and that the hotel rescue process afforded them the time to evaluate and realise the likelihood of a successful turnaround of the hotel.

Shelley Point Hotel gets the Business Rescue treatment

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It comes as no surprise that the hospitality industry has suffered from the great World Cup hangover, resulting in a few casualties in the restaurant and hotel arena. One such hotel has been fortunate enough to escape liquidation thanks to the business rescue process. Unbeknown to many, Shelley Point Hotel, Spa and Country Club on the Cape West Coast has been under business rescue since July last year.

A takkie is not tacky

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I’m certainly no advertising exec. I don’t have trendy hipster glasses, nor am I an expert at sniffing out coffee variations. I am however a consumer and a follower of news and cool stuff. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it) I have a dreaded fear that we are Americanising everything. I recently spotted a billboard in Cape Town advertising sneakers.