Keep on trucking…

30 November 2015 // Posted by

By Amelia Hayes

My husband and I love a good road trip!

The garden route, a shortcut, that right turn just to see where it goes, a wine tasting, the long way home in your new car – whatever the journey nothing beats a good road trip – great conversation, seriously yummy nibbles, fabulous tunes, Wimpy coffee with gooey toasted cheese, and the ever changing (or not so changing) landscape.

We ventured forth from Cape Town to Kruger Park in Nelspruit – the road was peppered with the usual bad drivers, kids waving from the back window (and nodding dogs), the whoosh of the yellow line, cows and clouds, umpteen electricity poles, cotton wool puffs of new born sheep, thirsty dams, hilarious sign posts, dudes awe-inspiring wind turbines and their original counterparts the good ol’ windmills, rocky outcrops, winding rivers and, okay, you get the picture… But, never before have we seen so many flippen trucks – WTT?!

And, I have stats on this mind you – my mom used to make us count lorries to keep us quiet on our adventures (we had to say lorry cause my brother couldn’t say trucks – #@$@$$%)…

It was like high speed window-shopping: view basket….

1 x Audi R8

3 x prime rump steak

1 x Defy Double Door Fridge

4 x dozen eggs

1 x battery of chickens

…. proceed to check-out….

You know what – given the choice I would rather travel with trucks on the road vs cars – they are polite, flash their lights when you say thank you, move over to let you pass and honk their horns for good measure! I found myself waving like a kid as we whizzed passed …

Granted, Eddy got it right, as I tap my fingers on the dashboard ….”I like to truck, I like to truck, darlin’ I love you….”